Location on Ocean Boulevard  (Lot 11)

Ocean Boulevard is more than a mile long and follows the beach more or less parallel and north of the main Treasure Cay Road.  Treasure Beach House is located at the boulevard's eastern end (the end closest to the town centre).  The house is reached most easily from Marlin Way off the main road. Where Marlin Way ends at Ocean Boulevard, the house is the second driveway on the ocean side.  The house is creamy yellow with white trim.  

This ocean front property consists of a deep lot, with the house being located about 150 feet from the shore.  A short path leads through a stretch of low sand dunes that lie between the back patio and the water.  

Flights and other transportation to Treasure Cay

A number of large airlines – Air Canada, BahamasAir, Continental, Delta, Northwest, WestJet, US Airways - fly to Nassau, which is a stopover on the way to Abaco.  Flights are available from Nassau to Marsh Harbour (MHH) twice each day and from Nassau to Treasure Cay (TCB)  several times per week.

There are also 10 to 15 flights per day from Florida to airports on the Abaco IslandsMarsh Harbour may be reached from West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Miami.  Service to Treasure Cay is available from Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach.  

Private charter carriers operate out of West Palm Beach and Ft. Lauderdale.  It is not possible to reach the Bahamas directly from Europe but, once in Miami or Nassau, Abaco is only a short hop away.

Taxis will meet all incoming flights and the rates are standard (tips are appreciated).  The taxi from Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay costs  approximately $85 (US) and from the Treasure Cay Airport to the house about $30 (US). 

For the boaters among you, Treasure Cay is less than 200 miles from Florida by water and has a well-serviced marina with 150 slips.

Private aircraft can clear customs directly at Treasure Cay airport (MYAT) were there are ample tiedowns and 100LL/Jet A is available

On the “Links” section of this site, we have listed several web sites that provide useful information on how to reach Abaco.

       About Flying to Treasure Cay from Our Resident Pilot

One of the Treasure Beach House owners is a private pilot (VFR) and home-built aircraft enthusiast.   He built his own airplane in his garage and has flown numerous times between Regina, Saskatchewan, and Treasure Cay.  The trip involves 2 international border crossings, high density traffic between Atlanta and Florida, and 160 miles of open ocean between Florida and Treasure Cay.  If you would like to know more about his experiences and pick up some useful tips, please contact us.