Island Information

The Bahamas lie off the Florida coast.  Treasure Cay, marked with a red star on the map, is located at the centre of Great Abaco, an island that is 120 miles long and 15 miles wide. There are about 15,000 native Bahamians residing at Marsh  Harbour, Cooperstown and Treasure Cay.  Other islands in the Abacos are Elbow  Cay, Great Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay,  Lubbers Quarters Cay,  Man-o-War Cay, most of which can be reached by boat or ferry.

The first settlement at Treasure Cay was established in 1783 by American Loyalists  who fled the Revolution.  Development of the community, as we know it, began in  the 1960s. There are now about 200 full-time residents consisting of Bahamians,  Americans, Europeans and Canadians.

The Bahamas have a semi-tropical climate.  During the winter months, temperatures may fall into the 60s F.  It might also be windy.  We recommend  that guests bring  jackets or sweaters, especially for boating.  Spring, summer, and fall are quite warm.  The ocean averages above 70 degrees all year round.

There is a small medical facility at Treasure Cay and a pharmacy in Marsh Harbour.   People with serious medical problems are airlifted to the United States.  The local  grocery store carries a selection of regular over-the-counter medical supplies.  United States dollars are used at par with the Bahamian dollars.  

The red arrow in the photo shows the location of the house.  Treasure Cay boasts  one of the best beaches in the world.  The 3.5 mile stretch of sugary, soft, white sand is crescent-shaped and bordered by palm trees.  The sea changes in colour from pale green to turquoise and sparkles beautifully.  In addition, the Abaco Islands have  the third largest barrier reef.  This makes for great diving, snorkeling, and fishing.